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plus the following files give you a bit more detail for each book to wet your appetite!

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New books for 2020

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8th Aug .

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BOW_-_12_strange_days_of_Christmas.jpg BOW_-_A_House_of_Ghosts.jpg BOW_-_A_Ladder_to_the_Sky.jpg

BOW_-_A_Nurses_Story.jpg BOW_-_An_Orchestra_of_Minorities.jpg BOW_-_Bart_Van_Es.jpg

BOW_-_Big_Sky.jpg BOW_-_Circe.jpg BOW_-_Clock_Dance.jpg

BOW_-_Convenience_Store_Woman.jpg BOW_-_Daisy_Jones__The_Six.jpg BOW_-_Everything_Under.jpg

BOW_-_Frakissstein.jpg BOW_-_Girl_Balancing.jpg BOW_-_Girl_Woman_Other.jpg

BOW_-_Golden_Child.jpg BOW_-_If_only_I_could_tell_you.jpg BOW_-_Land_of_the_Living.jpg

BOW_-_Last_Stories.jpg BOW_-_Love_is_Blind.jpg BOW_-_Meet_me_at_the__Museum.jpg

BOW_-_Melmoth.jpg BOW_-_Mr_Godleys_Phantom.jpg BOW_-_Murakami.jpg

BOW_-_My_Sister_the_Serial_Killer.jpg BOW_-_Normal_People.jpg BOW_-_Orphan_Monster_Spy.jpg

BOW_-_Palm_Beach_Finland.jpg BOW_-_Paris_Echo.jpg BOW_-_Queenie.jpg

BOW_-_Spring.jpg BOW_-_Swan_Song.jpg BOW_-_Swansong.jpg

BOW_-_Tangerine.jpg BOW_-_The_Binding.jpg BOW_-_The_Crossway.jpg

BOW_-_The_Female_Persuasion_Meg_Wolitzer.jpg BOW_-_The_Giver_of_Stars.jpg BOW_-_The_Hunting_Party.jpg

BOW_-_The_Lost_Daughter.jpg BOW_-_The_Mirror__the_Light.jpg BOW_-_The_Monk_of__Mokha.jpg

BOW_-_The_Overstory.jpg BOW_-_The_Puppet_Show.jpg BOW_-_The_Salt_Path.jpg

BOW_-_The_Silience_of_the_Girls.jpg BOW_-_The_Volunteer.jpg BOW_-_The_Wall.jpg

BOW_-_The_Woman_at_1000_degrees.jpg BOW_-_The_other_half_of_Augusta_Hope.jpg BOW_-_To_The_Lions.jpg

BOW_-_Transcription.jpg BOW_-_Trick_to_Time.jpg BOW_-_Wakenhyrst.jpg

BOW_-_Warlight.jpg BOW_-_When_all_is_said.jpg BOW_-_Where_the_Crawdads_Sing.jpg

BOW_-_now_we_Shall_be_Entirely_Free.jpg BOW_-_the_Familiars.jpg BOW_Firefly.jpg